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The two lead singles, "Neo Ttaemune Michyeo" (너 때문에 미쳐; "I Go Crazy Because of You") and "Naega Neomu Apa" (내가 너무 아파, "I'm Really Hurt"), were digitally released on February 23, 2010, and peaked at number one and number thirty-one on the Gaon chart, respectively.T-ara held their comeback performance on the same day on M Countdown, and won several music awards for "Neo Ttaemune Michyeo" over the course of their promotions: two consecutive Mutizen wins on Inkigayo After promotions for "Neo Ttaemune Michyeo" ended, T-ara performed "Naega Neomu Apa" on music shows until early April 2010.The reason given was that with so many solo projects, they would be able to have a more complete lineup for T-ARA when individual members were filming or doing other appearances.They also stated that it would allow the members to undertake more solo activities, and would give them all some relief from their heavy schedules.

So this new-ish trend of fancy houses not just having websites and super-professional galleries but also promoting themselves with fully produced "movie trailers" is one of my favorite things.Later in January 2010, the group announced promotions for their follow up single, "Cheoeum Cheoreom", which ended quickly as Soyeon was diagnosed with H1N1.In February 2010, the group announced a re-release of their debut album under the title Breaking Heart.Little-known fact, but when people used to go on Wait, what?! She's so rich that she has apparently hired a team of incredibly skilled software developers to create a virtual reality version of what appears to be her actual life.Our girl took off her VR mask to find the gold woman actually in her room? That's like something Michael Scott would do if he were a billionaire. THE PLACE COMES WITH A NIGHTMARE BLIND ROBOT BARTENDER! One, I'm not sure how it would handle knowing what liquors it was pouring, seeing as it is both blind and a robot, and two, if ever a robot were going to rise up to kill its masters, it would be this one. And it appears this house has not just a wine cellar, but also a special Champagne room?At the height of K-pop's mainstream popularity in Japan, T-ara signed onto management agency J-Rock for .7 million—reportedly the highest figure of any Korean girl group expanding into the territory at the time.


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