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When we write the VBA code we will automatically check for this limit.Now insert a sample user with the uname as jane and the password (upass) as sunday.This fires just before the record is saved, and you can cancel it if you need to. The code looks like it will do exactly what I want, what would I need to add to make sure they could not save the record until they have "corrected" the erroneous information?This will continue to loop until they go nuts, or they enter the data, whichever comes first.

There are numerous fields with dates, values and text etc.

That's what Cancel = True does; cancel the update, so you stay on the record.

If there are other crucial dates, you can replicate the code for those fields so they are all checked in sequence. Set Focus Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Private Sub cmd Closefrm Projects_Click() On Error Go To Err_cmd Closefrm Projects_Click Call Audit 'CALLS THE AUDIT FUNCTION TO CREATE AN AUDIT TRAIL Do Cmd.

Create a table called users with the following structure: As you can see the table has two fields the first one is called u Name, it takes the user name and the second is called u Pass and it takes the password.

Note the field size limitation of the password field. This basically means that any password that a user enters which is greater than six letters will be invalid.


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