Adhd and dating relationships

People may have genetic predispositions for alcoholism, but if they choose not to drink they will not become alcoholic. If an individual never smokes pot, snorts cocaine, shoots or smokes heroin, he or she will never become a pot, coke, or heroin addict.

It provides the person with ADHD relief from their restless bodies and brains.

Your life may explode as you attempt to douse the flames of ADD.

A 1996 article in American Scientists states that "In the United States alone there are 18 million alcoholics, 28 million children of alcoholics, 6 million cocaine addicts, 14.9 million who abuse other substances, 25 million addicted to nicotine."Everyone is vulnerable to abusing any mind altering substance to diminish the gut wrenching feelings that accompany ADHD.

Many individuals in recovery have spent countless hours in therapy working through childhood issues, getting to know their inner child, and analyzing why they abuse substances and engage in addictive behaviors.

Much of this soul searching, insight, and release of feelings is absolutely necessary to maintain recovery.


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