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Since this transition is happening, hacks are getting sophisticated too.

Hacks which were previously on the passive side are now being attempted on the active side.

Even for an offline product, for example — retail stores. There is a massive dependence of people on technology and digital.

You can now walk in and customise your entire experience. People are now moving from being passively involved with digital to being actively involved.

That’s were a hacker finds his gold mine, where he can extort the user for his nude pics," he continued.We speak on the likes of Adult Friend Finder, Ashley Madison, and a few too many adult entertainment and dating websites like these.In a way, we use these “adult” services against the moral ethos of the society and seeing the number of people registered in such apps, it clearly shows the interests amongst people.The hackermight have a completely different intention when scouting for information online.There's a good chance that someone hacked into Adult Friend Finder with a different set of motive, where according to the hacker he might have had the right intention.They have started sharing their personal and most intimate experiences, things about their sex lives via both dating and normal apps. The hack was not because it was a dating app, but a gold mine of intimate pictures of celebrities, which were found, backed up online by the celebrities themselves.


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