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The family often relied on help from neighbors and government food assistance.The Presleys survived the F5 tornado in the 1936 Tupelo–Gainesville tornado outbreak. South Dakota named the honeybee the state insect in 1978. Hamburger can contain no more than 30 percent fat and 25 percent beef cheeks. In Deadwood it is illegal to engage in seership, palmistry, magnetism and oriental mysteries. Sage Creek Wilderness is the home of the black-footed ferret, the most endangered land mammal in North America. In South Dakota, prison inmates are required to pay for their incarceration costs, barring any other financial obligations. The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs contains the largest concentration of Columbian mammoth and Woolly mammoth bones discovered intact in the world, and has been left untouched to this day. The Crystal Springs Ranch Rodeo Arena in Clear Lake was built on a drained duck pond. South Dakota is home to a prairie dog settlement measuring 100 by 250 miles, and contains an estimated 400 million prairie dogs. The popular Black Hills Gold jewelry was invented when goldsmith Heri Le Beau of France got lost in the Black Hills of South Dakota and said he had a vision of running water, with grape leaves flowing through it, that led him to safety at a nearby vineyard. Geologists claim that the Sioux quartzite spires in Palisades State Park are 1.2 billion years old, and that it is one of only a handful of areas in the U.

Pierre is the second least populous state capital in the U.

After a series of successful network television appearances and chart-topping records, he was regarded as the leading figure of rock and roll.

His energized interpretations of songs and sexually provocative performance style, combined with a singularly potent mix of influences across color lines that coincided with the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, made him enormously popular—and controversial.

His music career began there in 1954, when he recorded a song with producer Sam Phillips at Sun Records. RCA Victor acquired his contract in a deal arranged by Colonel Tom Parker, who managed the singer for more than two decades.

Accompanied by guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black, Presley was an early popularizer of rockabilly, an uptempo, backbeat-driven fusion of country music and rhythm and blues. Presley's first RCA single, "Heartbreak Hotel", was released in January 1956 and became a number-one hit in the United States.


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