Albie manzo lindsey andrews still dating

Mainly, Lauren wanting her kids to be the same age as his kids, so he better find a wife soon and Brittany is not going to be her. Albie storms out and has had it with their two cents.

Given the decent outdoor months of horse-racing weather in NJ is limited to maybe May-Sept – it’s not the dumbest idea to have an inexpensive set-up to capitalize on the crowds and the large profit-margins draft beers provide.

Absolutely – but again, I still chalk this up to these guys being a bit naive when it comes to business acumen (i.e., Chris runs to his dad for help finding the beer truck.

You don’t know a single person in a Jersey that could have a beer truck, Chris?

In what little spare time he does have, Albie enjoys spending time with his family and continuing in his search for Mrs.

She may no longer hold the title of Real Housewife, but Caroline Manzo is holding her head very high these days.


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