Aquarius woman dating a scorpio man Palmdale folder people sex cam chat

They've got the determination to create exactly the kind of life they want.With Aquarius thwarting convention, often this is a pairing that's unusual in some way.And that becomes a sticking point, as Aquarius likes to have lots of friends, many of them casual acquaintances.Scorpio in contrast, has a handful of intimates with which to share the soul's journey.When these two currents -- fast and cosmic, with slow and soulful -- blend in a loving relationship, that's pure magic.

It keeps the relationship fresh and ever changing, since there are always more layers to uncover.

This is a big clash (Scorpio and Aquarius square each other) in their relating needs and attitudes.

Any fundamental problems later on can be traced back to this core difference.

Being a sign of mind-body-soul merging, Scorpio longs to plunge the depths of love with their partner.

An air sign, the nature of Aquarius is once-removed, yet this is a sign with cosmic wisdom to match Scorpio's.


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