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The Dispilio tablet was one of many artefacts that were found in the area, however the importance of the table lies in the fact that it has an unknown written text on it that goes back further than 5,000 BC.The wooden tablet was dated using the C12 method to have been made in 5260 BC, making it significantly older than the writing system used by the Sumerians.By John Black Related Links Prehistoric tablet calls into question official history of writing Dispilio Neolithic Lake Settlement Dispilio Tablet Related Books Related Videos Dr John Ioannis Syrigos initially began writing on Ancient Origins under the pen name John Black He is both a co-owner and co-founder of Ancient Origins John is a computer amp electrical engineer with a Ph D in Artificial Intelligence a...Read More The Tărtăria tablets are dated to around 5300 BC which would make them slightly older than the Dispilio tablet (dated 5260 BC).

More artefacts were discovered that show the economic and agricultural activities of the settlement, proof of animal breeding and their diet preferences as well as tools and pottery, figurines and other personal ornaments.

The installation process takes at least a few minutes, most likely due to the impressive collection of effects and presets that it brings along.

During this process, a file association dialogue prompts you to select the audio formats to be recognized by the application.

Cool Edit Pro (with built-in Direct X support) comes with a large number of high-quality effects that you can play with, and it can mix up to 64 tracks together.

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