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His romantic aura was enhanced by his marriages to two of Hollywood's most glamorous musical stars, Alice Faye and Cyd Charisse.

He was born Alvin Morris in San Francisco in 1912 to a poor but closely knit family of Russian-Jewish stock; music was his means of escape from poverty and anti-Semitic taunts at school.

He was allocated Irving Berlin's "Let's Face the Music and Dance", but it was given to Fred Astaire.

At RKO, Martin coined a new name, taking Antony from a magazine story, and Martin because Freddie Martin was his favourite band leader.

Primitive Obsession is another popular code smell in Ruby land.

It’s very easy, tempting and just feels convenient to use primitive objects to represent various concepts in our code.

What we forget about is that we don’t really need a hash, we need something with set semantics and methods to add and merge attributes. It’s easy, just come up with a rich object that has correct semantics and exposes API that you need.

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He was the romantic lead in Ali Baba Goes to Town (1937), then starred with his wife in Sally, Irene and Mary (1938).

Faye had much more screen time, plus the best tunes, and the pair never worked on the same movie again.

Martin had a rare non-singing role (and star billing) as a boxer in the "B" movie, Winner Take All (1939).

I muffed a wonderful chance, and that was the end of me for a while."He had been appearing on the Burns and Allen radio show, and concentrated on his record and broadcasting careers, though he .

was given a leading role in Music in my Heart (1940) co-starring Rita Hayworth just before she graduated to superstardom.


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