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“My father was adamant about keeping alive not only the language, but even the specific dialect from my region which differs in various ways from the Azeri Turkish spoken in other areas of Southern Azerbaijan.”She was the only girl, surrounded by three brothers, but tradition never intruded the family in terms of gender.“My mother is a strong-willed woman and I was never told I could not do something because I am a woman.In May, one of Iran’s leading newspapers, the Farsi-language daily “Iran,” published a cartoon portraying a cockroach speaking Azeri Turkish.The caricature deeply offended the minority which staged demonstrations in the Southern Azerbaijan region, leading the country’s Press Supervisory Board to close down the state-owned outlet “due to its publication of divisive and provocative materials.” The culture minister officially apologized.Those were formative years which shaped her understanding of who she was and where she belonged.She learnt about the region of Nagorno Karabakh which broke away from Azerbaijan at the fall of Soviet Union and the war that followed and about the 21 Azer movement which established the short-lived Azerbaijan’s People Government between November 1945 and November 1946, with capital Tabriz. Digging through her father’s library, she stumbled into "Asli and Kerem." The then-eight year old was captivated by the anonymous epic saga about the ardent, yet tragic, love story of an Azerbaijani Muslim man for a Christian Armenian woman, dating back to the 16th century and originally written with the Arabic alphabet.Yet, the ethnic minority feels invisible, limited in its rights to affirm its identity and are pushed into the shadows - schools in Azeri Turkish are banned, so are media.

They did not manage because other students got in their way and managed to kick them out.” Pressure on activists like her increased in 2006.We have developed the Candy Brides website to help find a girl or a woman in Ukraine or other former Soviet Union countries. We provide the Dating Service to single men, who are tired of being alone and have a great desire to meet a lifetime partner, and to build a strong family based on true love, mutual understanding and respect. The humanities’ lover eventually ended up entering the veterinary faculty in Urmia, not far from the Turkish border.Her family encouraged her as the profession is lucrative. At the university most of students spoke Persian, communicating in Azerbaijani Turkish was problematic - many students despised her, others praised her, there was simply no middle ground. At the beginning I was the only woman, then others started attending.“We just knew how to speak it, every new word was a discovery, like a new world opening up.”Although the majority of Salmas’ population is Azeri, there were only two bookshops serving the community - one belonged to Mehdili’s teacher Nadali Jalili.


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