Be2 online dating complaints

As there is a valid contract between you and be2, we will now take legal measures and hand this over to our collection agency. For any questions you may have or any difficulties with paying this invoice, please contact us by writing to our customer service.

As it came with the meaning of threatening, I reported this to the local police as scam.

This helps us to find fake profile photos and the exact locations where those profiles have been stolen from on other sites (many times amateur porn sites).

Why would anyone contact us when our profile is completely empty and we have no profile photographs?

In this particular situation with Be2we received no emails, no instant messages, no webcam chats at all ZERO.

The first one is to create a personal profile on the dating site that we are reviewing.

When we create our dating profile we make sure not to use any photographs and leave out as much information as possible. If we start receiving emails and instant messages immediately after registering on the site then we know it's probably going to be a scam.


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