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Pretty much everything was beyond rehabilitation and went in for salvage and recycling. It was still remarkably shiny and really stood out among the collection of the other miscellaneous jewellery items.

Just a quick polish on the buff and it looks like new.

Of course, the naming of the first and last tracks -("Prologue" and "Epilogue," respectively) -might give the first clue to this, but beyond that, (with the possible exception of the fairly self-contained "Pretenders"), there are no tracks on the album that wouldn't suffer from isolation.

's many charms seem best comprehended in its own microcosm, on its own terms.

This is not merely "Jazz with Strings" or "Classical Compositions for Orchestra and Jazz Ensemble." This is an integration of a string quartet and classical approach to their jazz sound and sensibility that is so encompassing, it creates something generically unique from those components.

This is testament to the flexibility and vision of not only the Le Boeufs and their group, but of the JACK as well, as their role in the proceedings is often nothing like that of a conventional string quartet.

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At just short of 160 years old the 2.8mm wide ring is in remarkable condition. This type of ring makes a great alternate wedding ring if you go on holiday and don’t want to wear your expensive diamond in an unfamiliar area. Offering excellent durability and a rich deep gold colour that only extra high karat gold can offer. High quality, extreme capabilities and of course their appearances in many Bond films didn’t hurt either.I squeezed the petite ring on my pinky and instantly felt the history in it.A quick look at the English hallmarks revealed the ring is close to 160 years old.To the musical centerpiece of the album, a six-part suite entitled "A Dream," they incorporate a spoken-word narrative (from the Kafka short story of the same name).For some classical listeners, this may evoke Copland's "Lincoln Portrait" or even Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf," but the choice of Kafka with the Le Boeuf/JACK hybrid underlying it is undeniably bold and at times, even unsettling.There are undoubtedly those who will initially be put off this -those who would perhaps wish there to be music, sans narration.


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