Break the ice dating site

Tourist attractions, quirky local restaurants, or museums—anything that genuinely excites and interests you.

Unexpected topics and specific questions are memorable, which will serve to set you apart from all the “Hey…” girls out there.

At the time, I happened to be dating a nice guy that I met (you guessed it) on an app. Diabolical.” Two others sent back a GIF of Zack Morris.

Their photos will show a range of destinations and/or activities—chosen for the explicit purpose of inspiring conversation.

Even if you’re not a fellow hiker/skier/scuba-diver/chef/dog-owner/concert-goer, he’s probably hoping you’ll be curious enough about it to ask.

From there, the conversations were easy and engaging. Fun fact: Tinder conducted a study last year and found that “users are 30 percent more likely to receive a response if they use a GIF.” So while you may be more of a waving bear or Lionel Richie kind of gal, don’t discount the power of a funny image to get you to your next first date.

This intro line might sound obscure, but hear me out.


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    If you need dating tips, here's tip number one: don't be afraid to try something new.