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But the characters end up experiencing things that are not so easy to laugh off. It's interesting because my character on Roswell was supposed to be Latin and they didn't think I was Latin, so it was a big stretch for them to consider me. I guess producers have a pre-conceived notion of what "Latin" looks like. " [Laughs] When I was little, I had the best time in Venezuela because I was blonde. [Laughs] Does acting ever make it hard to have a normal life in this dimension? Whole milk or Filet Mignon I can't decide which though. Yet when you ask a man how it much be having such basic and vapid thoughts he'll answer you, with a straight face, that it's what comes along with being a genius. If you could write your own epitaph what would it say? Because while the future Roswell star knew she had the chops to make it as an actress, she had a tough time convincing her parents. Q: I've heard a few of your songs online, and I think they're quite brilliant. Q: If you could visit one time period in history, what would it be and why? The peace, the love, the happiness and the Beatles. She basically goes after him and its funny because she has a really hard time narrowing it down as to who could be her dad, because her mam had a lot of fun during those times. Would you like to play your dupe counterpart, and what would they be like? Majandra: [Laughs.] You'll have to ask him yourself.

We spoke with series star Majandra Delfino about her role on the show. My sister couldn't say it when I was young, so she created Majandra [Muh-HAHN-druh]. They're also thinking that everyone watching will have a pre-conceived notion. It is definitely the most abnormal life--I hate to hear these kids that say, "I live a normal life," all these actor kids. You have all this responsibility for a kid, but it's understood and expected of you. Roswell Beauty Lies About Age Actress Majandra Delfino lied about her age to get on hit sci-fi TV series Roswell. Finally, after plenty of pleading, they let their little girl leave her Miami home for a six-month shot at Tinseltown, figuring she'd be back in short order. Within 60 days, she had an agent and her first film role, in Zeus and Roxanne. So that should be interesting, and I love story lines with my mam, with Diane Far, I think theyre always hilarious. Maybe it should be like this really conservative librarian of a person, I dont know. Is it really true you and Shiri are best friends on and off the set? Are you, like your character on Roswell, a romantic fool? Can you tell me something about the diary you're doing? Does the online community ever freak you out in their intensity/obsession? Would you want to do a Buffy-type musical episode if you could? I don't like being fed the kind of music I have to do.

’ La cosa divertente, giusto per darvi un’idea di come eravamo conciati, è che non mi era sembrata una cosa poi così fuori dal normale,” afferma.

Non preoccupatevi, Fehr si è lavato i vestiti e ha sistemato tutto, e no, non lo farebbe di nuovo. Avevo sottovalutato la quantità di pipì che uno può fare.” Questo non è l’unico aneddoto divertente proveniente dal set, ma Fehr lo ricorda con affetto.

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In the show, the teens who attend Roswell High have always rolled their eyes at the weirdoes who show up in their town to pow-wow about aliens--the kids think these groupies are the *real* aliens! We get to just sit there on the beach and see the waves and swim. When you were blonde, did you ever get to play specifically Latin characters? Three months later, I booked the lead in Zeus and Roxanne and then she kind of became supportive after that. I play her and she is sucha a brat, which is really cool! Like for Independence Day, the costume people asked for soldier uniforms and the government said, "Fine, as long as you don't mention Area 51 in the movie." I don't understand why they try to make such a mystery about it. And maybe they come here and see stark land--nothing. What quality about yourself would you like [to] improve? If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be? If you could be any fictional character who would it be? Being amused by throwing a ball back in forth sounds so simple minded. Pray for her or else kindly step off her patio, you're just blocking the sun now... Majandra Delfino: One on One E-online chat The toughest thing for 19-year-old Delfino about becoming famous wasn't catching a big break, it was just getting to Hollywood. Working with such a talented (and beautiful) broad leaves no need for any of the cast's input. Find a good support group and strengthen your self-worth, because it's all pretty much a fight against constant rejection. Three or four days in advance, and that's when I study. Rumour is, but they dont really tell us these things as surprising as it seems, that shes going to go out to look for her dad. She has to find him to sign something that her mother wont sign, which is a record deal. Id love to be possessed by some evil god knows what.Keep in mind that one of the girls who sang with me was a friend of mine. Majandra D: Also Mike Meyers Question: Do you have on-line? Majandra D: I'd have to say when in the future episodes, there's an instance regarding Maria's bra. Majandra: My CD is available at and can be purchased over the Internet, so it's available to anybody. "I've never taken an acting lesson or been in a play." Delfino, the daughter of Venezuelan and Cuban-American parents, was born in Caracas, began playing piano at 5, and at 11 began to sing and perform.My boyfriend is the son of one of the lead singers in the Bee Gees. Is it true that your sister couldn;t say your real name, so you changed it to Majandra? That was embarrasing, but eventually you learn not to be embarrassed by anything. Any chance of Maria speaking or singing in Spanish? She wants to go back to that and sees no redeeming social value in being on Roswell - not even as a vehicle to launch her music career. With me its always like "Well shes crazy, she can do whatever", thats the great thing about my character. If you try to kill yourself for a role on the TV show, youll succeed. In the first season I had really short hair and they liked that, they cast me as this girl with the hair this long [indicated very short length] and I was like "I really dont like my hair short, Im going to start growing it out".La sceneggiatura era ottima, così come la regia,” afferma.


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