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If that’s what you think, great, date a Bulgarian guy and let’s stop wasting each other’s time. Now, this sounds maybe strange coming from a man, and it’s more a personal thing (imho) but I want to put it here anyway.

Bulgarian ladies in general, look gorgeous and I really appreciate all the effort you do to make a stunning impression every time again!

A few points from my side to make the cultural clash that happens between a Viking and a Bulgarian lady a little less dramatic.

Yes, we are blessed (or cursed) by the teachings of Aristotle.

The same applies for emergency contraception (the next day pill).

Gynecologists offer additional methods of contraception, such as injections, and even though you can purchase them at any pharmacy, a visit to the doctor is recommended.

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Generally breastfeeding in public is accepted, but I would recommend using a scarf.

We Vikings like our relations (being friends or lovers) to be reliable, it gives us the idea we can trust a person. Asking a Viking on the first date about his ex(es) is like meeting a train driver and ask about his first run in with a person. If we decided we can trust you we tell you everything…. Great if you want to compare us with Bulgarian men, it will teach us more about your culture.

However, don’t use it to show that your culture is better than ours.

Therefore, I am reluctant to engage in sex right away. Don’t worry, dating a Viking means you have to explain this to him; because it does not come naturally to him, again some patience and encouragement and it will be fine.

Sure, we are good lovers, we just like to back our sexual capabilities up with trust dedication and commitment.


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