Butterflies and love and dating

When you experience your new boo for the first time, it’s natural to keep wanting more.

After you have sex with your significant other, you’re probably in a good mood, and constantly think about the great time you had together.

), you will make excuses to justify "your person’s" flaws.

As a consequence, this only allows you to get to know "your person" on the surface, rather than to understand the type of person he or she is, and whether or not you mesh well together.

Yes, your person is hot and has other amazing external qualities, but you also can’t wait to get to know him or her even more than you already do!In Love: On the contrary, when you’re in love, you will want to see your significant other’s flaws. A sexual connection is obviously imperative in a functional and loving relationship.Character flaws, pet peeves, weaknesses and imperfections are all important to know about when getting to know someone on a deeper level — especially if you think he or she may be "the one."However, rather than obsessing over your person’s flaws or just simply ignoring them, you will be able to accept them. However, it should not be the only way you show affection toward one another.Before I met Ryosuke, I had a (not terribly long) string of relationships – none lasting more than a month or so.I’m not proud of my dating history, but I’m also not ashamed.Often dubbed the “Butterfly Effect,” these subconscious feelings of romance and love are a condition of love-sickness.


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