Buzzfeed specific dating sites

I ended up staying eight months because the non-compete caused me to turn down other work and meetings that might have led to other work.

I left Buzzfeed in 2015, but they still own a Facebook fan page with my face on it.

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Hughes and her supporters gathered more and more evidence of what they claimed were examples of Buzz Feed ripping off creators.

Many of these are straightforwardly literal: umbrella.

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I was excited to have a steady writing gig and thrilled by the ,000 annual salary. I thought I’d stay a couple of months, find another industry gig, and peace out.

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"Stop watching Kid Fury videos and putting his shit, fucking transcripts, on your website. You’re using black culture to make your money, and you know it." Cut’s "100 years of beauty" series is one of those massively viral trendsetters that has spawned a thousand imitators: Mode’s 100 years of fashion, cars, and home improvement (to name just a few); Glamour’s 100 years of underwear; Bon Appétit’s 100 years of brown bag lunches; even Xbox’s 100 years of zombies and Mashable’s 100 years of corgi beauty.

So calling out Buzz Feed specifically for its "[X] Through History" series seems a bit unfair, but it was one of the first examples that Hughes and many others thought of.


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