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Unrealistic amounts of money were borrowed, house prices rose considerably and share prices on the Australian stockmarket crashed.By the end of the decade a large number of corporations had collapsed.); and Kelloggs Cornflakes, Cadbury's chocolate and Vegemite were fast becoming part of the national diet.Questions for research and discussion: The decade began with a Liberal-Country Party government and ended with the Coalition again in power.The 'White Australia' Policy was established, the Australian Labor Party was formed, Empire Day was inaugurated and the High Court was set up. The New South Wales Aboriginal Protection Board was established and Canberra was chosen as a site for the federal capital.

Labor lost the ensuing election and Malcolm Fraser became the new Prime Minister.The ‘Australian 20th century’ timeline follows events and developments in Australia from Federation through to the year 2000.This collection of events provides another means of investigating Australia's past and trying to identify what we mean by 'Our Heritage'.Issues of all kinds came to the fore -- a referendum was held over whether to dam the Franklin River, peace rallies were well attended during the early part of the decade, land rights became part of the political agenda and the first national council on AIDS was held in 1984.A Royal Commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody was set up and Australia signed the Ozone Layer Treaty.The Australian population at the beginning of the decade was over 4 million but was sadly depleted by the end of the decade by the Great War.


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