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Marking them with [Serializable] attribute, so that they can be used with such mechanisms as . (QC 8096)" - Danny: For remoting to fully marshal that class, it has to be a descendant of Marshal By Ref, which adds a lot of "weight" to the class, so I'm a bit leery of making TList serializable for . jkaster: blx: "just a comment: congratulations for the decision to include a cpersonality in future Delphi-versions! it actually wasn't any new decision on the part of the team, but congratulations to our executive team for deciding to push forward on it.jkaster: davidi: and thank you, Co j m community, for your valuable feedback on this request jkaster: jkaster: "Did the new enumerator syntax capability in Delphi 2005 drive any VCL changes? Kamikal Girl Vous devez tre inscrit Mon pour pouvoir noter un album et voir les notes de vos amis. Rassurons nous car bien au del de la premire coute, les vertus thrapeutiques de cet album sont incroyables, les muscles se dtendent, la pression diminue, les penses ngatives s'estompent jusqu' un vritable lcher prise, essayez l'exprience est garantie !jkaster: holger: "If this is off-topic, just ignore it. What we keep getting snagged on is getting versioning just right on the install. jkaster: blx: "did you already start working on the next delphi version, or are you currently in the planning phase?But as Danny is there: Do you have a time set for the first D2005 patch that gets rid of the known annoyances. " - seppy: yes, we're definitely in the planning phase. danny: you should focus on "things that only Borland can do" for those suggestions.

JPG jkaster: Ronald: "There are 3 VCL's, Win32, . I think it is the natural tendancy of a libray to grow closer to the underlying platform.

Un talent d'criture rare pour un premier opus l'univers intimiste que nous propose Sol Seppy, dommage car depuis il semblerait que la demoiselle ne donne plus aucun signe musical et pourtant son dfi tait russi car le disque a t entirement compos, jou et produit par ses soins.

Ce Bells of 12 pourrait parfaitement entrer dans la case " couter par temps de pluie...", quelque part entre la terre mouille et un vieux piano dans une maison abandonne "Enjoy" Les mlodies sont rsolument dpouilles, quelques notes de piano "Enter One" sur une fine couche electro "Come Running" et quelques cordes derrire "Move" pour laisser place la voix, vritable signature de l'album, qui sait se faire sensuelle et langoureuse autant qu'amre, avec parfois une force vive "Slo fuzz" (gros coup de coeur de ce disque, le morceau est trs justement construit).

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" - Seppy: I think we'll look at the compiler support for generics on both . jkaster inserts the following link: Using standard . NET applications with Delphi 8 jkaster: Ronald: "I missed the unit-test talk, but this question also fits here. Editor's note: Unit testing is supported for VCL. " - Seppy: I haven't heard anything but we have given code changes back for it. " - Seppy: We can look at putting some kind of article together. jkaster: nickh: "Since the Avalon is really a glorified version of what VCL has been doing for ten years, what are the prospects for migrating the VCL to the Longhorn/Avalon platform?


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