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Claims like these have stirred fears that refugees bring in terrorism, rape, sexual assaults, abuses, and other societal ills that infest strongly patriarchal societies, fears that have become part of the accepted narrative about refugees.

However, the statistics on refugees contradict this claim.

If refugee and migrant populations follow their originating country’s demographics, then we should expect that at least half of Syrian (and other) refugees will be male, and most of them will be young.

To put the issue of age into perspective, as of 2015 Syria’s median age was 23.8, Iraq’s was 19.7, and Afghanistan’s was 18.4.

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Syria is a country with a large population of young people, especially in comparison to greying Europe.

The majority of Syrians are between 25 and 54 years old, and only 4.02% of Syria’s population is older than 65 as of 2015, compared to the European Union’s 18.5%.

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