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the sfpd would not comment on the suit calling the shooting an open investigation. a san jose police officer finally faced charges today ten months after his arrest involving a secret stash of pot. veteran cop son vue was formally charged with possession of marijuana with the intent t sell. it will add service to muni's workhorse routes including the 38 geary which will run more buses along the route. one city official says now with studies and permits and caltrans involved it could be up to a year before anything happens if anything happens to these trees at all. so far caltrans has not commented on the tree controversy. the board rejected lucille's proposal to delist the property as historic. muni says it's increasing service for 30% of its ride years particularly focusing on reporter: the changes have been on tap for years. powerful allergy relief, now in a tablet that starts dissolving instantly. sinbad's isn't about to leave its spot on the san francisco waterfront. she says she will keep right on fighting and plans to take her request to the city council in the next couple of months. a home burglary in the north bay ends when the suspect takes a break for some snacks and a nap. and the two warmest days will be monday and tuesday. live look outside the clouds look beautiful over napa county. as clutch as it gets to force overtime at new orleans. warriors down 20 to begin the final quarter and won the game. the road will be open in time for the monday morning commute. and she hopes one day to have the standing desks in every classroom at the school. [ laughter ] coming up in our next half- hour, only on "5", a san jose university that caters to international students under federal scrutiny tonight. choose 0 in free gifts, and get up to 48 months interest-free financing with any tempur-pedic mattress. announcer: it's time to play "family feud." [applause] give it up for steve harvey! muni about to make some major upgrades to speed up commutes and make passengers a little more comfortable. ♪ mattress discounters ♪ your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. the president of the place took us on a tour of the school's brand-new campus. a former admissions officer at the time says the school then was nothing more than a visa mill. agents arrested the operator of a chain of schools in los angeles alleging that they were a front for a pay to stay immigration scheme. captions by: caption colorado [email protected] is the "name your price" tool. it took tennis legend serena williams, fencing champion tim morehouse and the rockettes years to master their craft. depositing checks at the atm and transferring funds on the mobile app. tonight in the morning we'll see 30-mile-per-hour gusts in places like fairfield and concord and half moon bay. bay area drivers heading up to donner summit today were getting prepared. during a concert what might grandma toss up onstage to a sexy old rock star? reporter: this month marks the 100 anniversary of the genocide which happened during world war i.

even the united states hasn't labeled what happened a genocide for fear of offending modern day turkey an important ally in the middle east. police also found almost ,000 in cash in vu's personal car and a thumb drive containing internal police files on recent calls to marijuana grow houses. other bay area headlines tonight, a tow truck rear ends a vta bus. all three to be taken to the hospital with minor injuries. professor robert reich taught his wealth and poverty class outside. as far as we know they are closed in the united states and canada. reporter: it turns out all that energy the kids have at recess doesn't just evaporate when they go back to class. more than two dozen buildings on the cal campus lost electrical power today. a traffic alert for drivers heading into san francisco this weekend. instead of tiring students out, the new desks allow them to let off a little steam. chief meteorologist paul deanno live for us in napa tracking the showers. so even when the rain leaves, the winds will stay blustery throughout your saturday. city hall will be lit tonight in red, blue and orange, the colors of the armenian flag. and after that wind relaxes a bit tomorrow, the winds will get elevated once again tomorrow evening. happening right now at san francisco city hall, a ceremony to remember the armenian genocide. william lives near the patented pole and says tourists gets -- lives near the painted pole and says tourists get lost all the time. in san francisco, ryan takeo, just can't seem to escape... it needs sinbad to move so it can knock down the building, make way for a new ferry terminal. we have some april rain showers heading our way tonight. before he got to the expensive stuff, petaluma police say james adams first went through the bridge. but inside san francisco's black magic voodoo lounge, its identity is new orleans. some chose to dive into a thought provoking game of scrabble.


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