Daniel rebecca biggest loser dating

Daniel worked out with Jillian at the ranch for 30 days, and lost 60 pounds before being eliminated in week 4.

Saying goodbye to Jillian, he said “I love you.” He told us “she’s five-foot-nothing and I’m terrified of this woman,” in a jovial way that shows the respect they have for one another, and the appreciation he has for her.

As the two heaviest contestants in history, Shay and Daniel formed the orange team and literally worked their butts off each week to lose on the scale, and to push and motivate one another.

Now, Shay tells us that no matter how many times she fell below, you’re still never prepared to leave the ranch.

She’ll also talk about who the new Rebecca really is.

While Rebecca’s weight loss story is remarkable, the thing everyone is buzzing about is this relationship with Daniel.

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Each week we’ll update with accomplishments, weight loss, new videos and more.

One of her favorite recipes that she created on the ranch is a vegetable stir-fry.

She includes asparagus, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, fresh herbs, garlic and I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, and serves that with baked fish topped with herbs and lemon zest. One activity they enjoy is a treadmill interval challenge.

Rebecca’s got three weeks left to prepare for finale, and make her television debut with beau Daniel.

Given that her “ultimate focus is on changing [her] life forever,” Rebecca will no doubt dazzle us all at that final weigh-in.


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