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Shakespeare in Love (1998) Similarly, Shakespeare in Love gets blamed sometimes for the quasi-snub of Saving Private Ryan, except which one would you rather re-watch?Mark Norman and Tom Stoppard’s script is full of ingenious setups, callbacks, and references — and like a great play, it has enough gags for English professors and groundlings alike.His bright future was apparent even at this early stage, and watching as he effortlessly charms the cynicism right out of Julia Stiles only makes his present-day absence even harder.(2009)There’s nothing especially revolutionary about Greg Mottola’s account of one summer spent wage-slaving at an off-brand amusement park.This tasting platter of Brit-fronted romances — an affair, a tentative attraction front-loading the sex, and an unwelcome flirtation with international implications, to name a few — rubs some the wrong way with its guileless sincerity.But those unbothered by cute-kid antics will lose themselves in the downright romantic romanticism of this sweetly hewn cross section of lovesick Londoners.for the era of center-parted hair and Bikini Kill, and unknowingly forged a cultural artifact with significance beyond its endearingly earnest adolescent melodrama.The slang and the fashion are both a scream, but the most jarringly dated element is Heath Ledger himself, scruffy charisma oozing from every pore.

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As the final moments of the film would suggest, his real love is for the concept of love. ” and that’s all the necessary proof that the latter is true.It’s like the older, wiser cousin of that one New Girl episode.Frances Ha (2012) Like Swanberg, Greta Gerwig was a reliable veteran of the mid-2000s mumblecore scene before making the leap to slightly more mainstream fare.But while its composite elements may be familiar, each archetype ranks at the top of their game: Jesse Eisenberg is the quintessential overeducated nebbish, Ryan Reynolds fully embodies the cool jerk, and who could the unattainable cool girl possibly be but Kristen Stewart?With ample wit and that distinctly postcollegiate sense of disillusionment, the film cuts through the BS of the young-adult romance genre, while recognizing the primal character dynamics that make it work. (2011)You can find someone willing to argue that pretty much any late-phase Woody Allen movie is the good one, but this historical trifle has the most supporters, and for good reason.There’s a shameless fanfiction pleasure in watching malcontent writer Gil (Owen Wilson) stumble back a century or so to hobnob with Lost Generation icons like Fitzgerald and Hemingway (Tom Hiddleston and Corey Stoll, a fine pair).


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