Dating a sexually abused girl

The woman identified as Kori Ellis was arrested in San Francisco and confessed to watching the couple sexually defile a five-year-old girl on Skype.Ellis was tracked down to her flat by the FBI and police after monitoring her online activity.Investigations unearthed that the 34-year-old woman used a display name, “Sarah Girls Only.” The couple who also have foot fetishes and had asked Ellis to paint her toenails several times in front of the webcam always insisted on Skype video calls to confirm they were talking to real pedophiles to avoid being arrested by the police.

The FBI contacted UK police who investigated Sarah and Craig who lived in Plymouth.Ellis went on to share Skype details with the pair and they would then go on to show her the first webcam footage of a young girl being sexually abused between late 2012 and early 2013.The pedophile in her court statement revealed that on one occasion Craig and Sarah were having sex with the drugged child laid out on the bed next to them.A source divulged to the that the FBI was investigating child exploitation and came across a number of suspecting Skype names, including Bad Girl Next Door which belonged to Ellis.Ellis would subsequently reveal that she was in contact with other pedophiles including 34-year-old Gotham and her boyfriend at the time.Perhaps it is a cheap fix to try to shut out off my mind, as best as I can, those past experiences of violence.


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