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But if you have the money go to the nicer places, too, we don’t want them going out of business (although sometimes i’m convinced that they actually are just farming out to the hole in the wall places anyway….regardless everyone’s gotta make a buck so i get it) HOW MUCH IT COSTS.

Here’s a rough guide to how much things should cost, the lower number is what you can get at a VERY cheap place where you are taking risks (or its around what designers pay when we upholster in bulk).

I know that upholstering can be daunting, even terrifying. So here is EVERYTHING you need to know to help you through the process. Here’s the best rule of thumb, you have to love the shape and style then don’t worry about the finish.

I have a ton of tips, nay secrets, to make sure that you get a timeless piece that won’t cost you a fortune, will make your house WAY more interesting and will last for years and years. You can almost always change the finish of things but you can rarely change the shape. It’s a very sellable chair because the style is very ‘in’ and the comfort level is extreme, yet i don’t have to invest in it too much to get what i want.

That being said, i’ve made mistakes before and definitely gotten what i’ve paid for – cheap work for a cheap price, so mistakes can be made.

The best tip i can say is that the little hole-in-the-wall upholsterers are usually doing all the designers fancy pieces and have the most experience.

Right now i’m gearing up for my ONE KINGS LANE sale in SEPTEMBER where i’m reupholstering 19 amazing vintage items and counting…

(dining chair seats are really the only things you can do yourself, especially when you have six of them the cost adds up). I usually budget around 00 for a large sofa, but my guys do it for around 0.Don’t get me wrong, i tell my friends who want one piece, but if i were to announce it on the blog then myself, as well as all the other designers that go to them, would suffer.We get the best prices because we give them a massive amount of business so don’t expect the prices that I quote. I told my upholsterer that he he promises to hire help and expand i’ll give his name away, but until he does i just can’t because i need him in my life. Walk in and ask for pictures, prices and how many years of experience.Its the fancier places (like the design centers) that are frankly much more pleasant to be in that charge a lot more.Don’t be scared of the hole in the wall, you’d be shocked at who hires them.But in a charcoal gray linen its going to be gorgeous. It will command a whole room, it will scream ‘i’m interesting’ and it will be 100% worth it.


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