Disable online dating profile

As a dating coach, I'm a big believer in going on lots of dates with lots of people to see who’s out there.

Doing so would have prevented Heidi from feeling blindsided -- either because her boyfriend would have already deleted the app(s) in question, or because she would have had a clear sense of where they were in their relationship so she could deal with the inconsistency appropriately and with clear boundaries. And in this fast-paced, competitive meat market, a missed opportunity might never be available again.In her mind, the case was closed -- and the two are still happily together.By being so direct, Heidi saved herself the torture of spending the rest of her vacation in her own head, trying to figure out what was in his.When you feel that happen, it's time to sit the other person down to see if they're in the same spot.Gaining this level of clarity with one another lets you both determine whether it's time to let your online dating identity die.The benefit of specific sites is that users expect to meet singles who are living with various challenges, so marketing yourself on a niche disabled dating site makes it much more about you than your disability.


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