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'This is the image of when you call a friend for help.My people in Puerto Rico thank you profoundly sir,' he said."You've seen her video she's posted on Facebook and all, from motel rooms in New Jersey," he said. I'm willing to sit down and talk.'" The musician, who has legally changed her name to Magda Davitt to be "free of parental curses", wrote a moving thank you to Dr.

The TV host partnered with CVS to fill the private jet with ,000 worth of goods including batteries and medicine for people who remain in destitute conditions on the island.After dropping off much needed supplies of water, food, cash cards and money, they are bringing homeless Puerto Ricans back to mainland America to set up temporary homes.The destruction in Puerto Rico far outweighs the damage caused in Texas and Florida by hurricanes Harvey and Irma earlier in the summer.Actor Freddie Rodriguez, a Puerto Rican native, revealed Dr.Phil's good deed on Twitter and thanked him for his contribution.Natalie described a horrifying scene after being shot and falling to the ground. As soon as the shooting stopped, then we moved a little more and jumped over the fence and I was like, "Ok, I made it over the fence, I'm safe."'Dr.


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