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On the 26th Anniversary DVD re-release there is a tutorial by Ukulele Gal on how to play "Tonight You Belong to Me" on the ukulele.NRBQ covered the song on their 1983 disc "Grooves In Orbit".It was also performed by Steve Martin and Bernadette Peters in the 1979 movie The Jerk.Jazz ukulele player Lyle Ritz actually played the ukulele accompaniment for the scene.Then she would make odd moves like bending backwards over her piano bench or flopping dramatically on the stage.But once she settled behind a microphone and got swept away by Mills’ stellar guitar work, my worry melted away.

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on Thursday night, Fiona Apple was heckled by a fan toward the end of her set, and reportedly broke down while performing her final song. ” The balance of the evening was already a delicate one.You can still have a good time and keep your virginity without butt sex.”), cheered as she bent her body into all manner of uncomfortable looking shapes, and shouted the occasional word of encouragement and love. Apple insisted she was done, spat her frustration into the microphone, and fought back tears. And truth be told, the voice wasn’t alone in her feelings.But they otherwise they kept mum out of respect or a simple fear that they could frighten the fragile 36-year-old away at any moment. She pulled it together enough to perform an understandably intense version of “Waltz (Better Than Fine)” that she sang through sobs. I, too, worried over Apple’s health when she first appeared. Between songs, she would walk around uncertainly, sometimes confused.The expanded version of The Trash Can Sinatras' 1990 album Cake includes a cover of the song as a bonus track.The 2005 Fiona Apple album Extraordinary Machine includes a DVD featuring Apple, Jon Brion and others performing "You Belong to Me" live at Cafe Largo in Los Angeles, California.At Sleater-Kinney’s last show on August 12, 2006, guest opener Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam sang the song as a duet with Janet Weiss of Sleater-Kinney.


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