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I was taking pre-med courses from 25-27 while I was fixing my issues, in order to get a Ph D.

I figured out that academia wasn’t for me, so I decided to pursue my passion and work full time on Self Hacked and other ventures.

The apps started saying “there is no one left in your area.” Thinking I might be doing something wrong, I even paid 2 different girls to do the online and app dating for me. I ended up attracting the wrong types of women that I wasn’t interested in anyway.

I’ve now realized that I will probably meet someone eventually, but it could take 5-10 years and a lot of effort.

Actually, I had never had more than a superficial or short-term encounter with anyone who wasn’t Jewish until the age of 27. When I was in college, I realized my academic skills were non-existent. So, my focus from 20-23 was to improve my academic abilities. I improved my verbal skills, logical reasoning, math, writing, and general knowledge of the world.

I graduated college with a 4.0 and scored in the 99th percentile on the GREs.

Shortly after I came back to the States, I decided that religion wasn’t for me.

I searched around and realized that a ‘Zen’ attitude was most suitable for me and used it as a framework to live my life.

My time is the bottleneck in a lot of projects that I want to start and complete.

However, if I like someone, then that radically changes the equation in terms of where I spend my time.

So, I’m all about “hacks” and I’m trying a new hack to find a long-term girlfriend.

This is an experiment to see if I can find a quality woman through this unconventional way.


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    OT – Off topic () OTB – Off to bed OTFL – On the floor laughing OTL – Out to lunch OTOH – On the other hand OTP – On the phone OTT– Over the top OTTOMH – Off the top of my head OTW – Off to work OVA – Over OYO – On your own ) PCM – Please call me PDH – Pretty darn happy PDS – Please don’t shoot PDQ – Pretty darn quick PEEPS – People PFT – Pretty fucking tight PHD – Pretty Huge Dick PIC – Picture PIK – Picture PIP – Peeing in pants () PL8 – Plate PLMK – Please let me know PLS – Please PLU – People like us PLZ – Please PM – Private Message PMFI – Pardon me for interrupting PMFJI – Pardon me for jumping in PMSL – Pee myself laughing POAHF – Put on a happy face POS – Parent over shoulder POV – Point of view POV – Privately owned vehicle () PPL – People PPU – Pending pick-up PMS – Pre-marital sex PROLLY – Probably PRON – Meaning pornography PRT – Party PRW – People/parents are watching PSOS – Parent standing over shoulder PSP – Playstation Portable PST – Please send tell (online gaming) PST – Provincial Sales Tax ( Q – Queue QFE – Question for everyone QFI – Quoted for idiocy QFI – Quoted for irony QIK – Quick QL – Quit laughing QQ – (qq) Meaning “crying eyes” QQ – Quick question QSL – Reply QSO – Conversation QT – Cutie QTPI – Cutie pie QUE – Pause or Pasused ) ROFL – Rolling on floor laughing ROFLCOPTER – Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around ROFLMAO – Rolling on the floor, laughing my ass off ROTFL – Rolling on the floor laughing ROTFLUTS – Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak RS – Runescape () RTSM – Read the stupid manual RTWFQ – Read the whole fucking question RU – Are you? TPTB – The powers that be TQ – Te quiero / I love you () TSNF – That’s so not fair TSTB – The sooner, the better TTFN – Ta ta for now TTLY – Totally TTTT – These things take time TTUL – Talk to you later TU – Thank you TWSS – That’s what she said TTYAFN – Talk to you awhile from now TTYL – Talk to you later TTYS – Talk to you soon TY – Thank you TYS – Told you so TYT – Take your time TYSO – Thank you so much TYAFY – Thank you and fuck you TYVM – Thank you very much ^URS – Up yours UCMU – You crack me up UDI – Unidentified drinking injury (meaning bruise, scratch, ache and so on) UDM – U (You) da (the) man UDS – Ugly domestic scene UFB – Un-fucking believable UFN – Until further notice UGTBK – You’ve got to be kidding UKTR – You know that’s right UL – Upload U-L Meaning “You will” UNA – Use no acronyms UN4TUN8 – Unfortunate UNBLEFBLE – Unbelievable UNCRTN – Uncertain UNPC – Un- (not) politically correct UNSUB – Unknown Subject () UOK – (Are) You ok? WWNC – Will wonders never cease WWYC – Write when you can WYCM – Will you call me? WYGAM – When you get a minute WYHAM – When you have a minute WYLEI – When you least expect it WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get X-1-10 – Meaning “Exciting” X – Kiss X! Y – Meaning Yawn Y2K – You’re too kind Y2K – Year 2000 YA – Your YAA – Yet another acronym YABA – Yet another bloody acronym YARLY – Ya, really?