Ex boyfriend is dating another girl

I told him that I finally realized I do love him and want him back and want to give us a try again.

I told him what I needed from him and he said he wanted to think things over before agreeing to a try again.

I recently broke up with my bf we were together for 5 years during that 5 years he cheated on me countless time I always walk out but yet he always come back last year we had a fight I was in another country then , after the gift I book my ticket and came home only to find out he's getting married to a girl he met a few days ago shock as I was I tried I curse I fight I wrote msged longer than I'm suppose to write ...

Hello, So back in January my boyfriend and I split (we were together for 2 year and lived together).

ex boyfriend is dating another girl-21

Apparently I was wrong, he had been unhappy for a while (but never really told me). I went on the no contact rule day 12 he block his id and call me .

Him and I really hit it off and I really enjoy his company.

We kept seeing each other casually and then my ex popped back into the picture.

I told him no, that I was done and I wanted to see where things went with the new guy.

That I cared deeply for him, but was no longer “In love” with him and we could only be friends.


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