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Sink Reflections is filled with acronyms: CHAOS – Can’t Have Anybody Over Syndrome. BO – the Born Organized, (which you probably aren’t if you need the book) and DH, DD, DS – for Dear Husband, Dear Daughter and Dear Son. They’re called Purple Puddles, because the Fly Lady loves purple. She was exceedingly depressed, and living in a cluttered house.Her situation was so dire she ended up in the hospital, where some of the other patients, further along in their treatment for depression, helped her get dressed, put on makeup, fix her hair, and put on shoes with laces.You’d be better off physically intercepting and destroying the statement if you want to make sure that no one sees it.If you’re trying to cover up expenditures due to embarrassingly mounting debt, you might wish to then consider saving on interest payments with a 0% purchase credit card or consolidating and paying off your debts with a balance transfer credit card.It creates anxiety, lowers self esteem, and keeps you isolated. And so I jumped in, signing up for her daily emails – be warned, there are a lot of emails, many of which are testimonials from other “Fly Babies” who are sharing their successes. I started doing this right after the clean sink exercise, and now I NEVER have to spend part of my weekend scrubbing a dirty shower.

The Fly Lady (she is also a fly fisher), who gently eased people like me back to the throngs of the neat and tidy.

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Check out our guide on how to read your credit card statement for more info.

If you’re looking to hide a past transaction, this is unfortunately impossible.


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