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An XDA developer released Uppercut- and a firmware dump from Google LG CAM community now has me updated to current version! Quality of image very good close-up, somewhat blurry at distance.LG should dump the train-wreck they call 'LG Bridge' and go back to the basics (such as making the software work). Worst complaint is that the stitching is very bad and there are big convex black areas where images come together.I 'worked' with LG support for several hours and nothing worked.Older firmware would only work with older versions of App (v5.1.9) and LG Bridge 'Can't Connect' on several different Windows and Mac OS computers.There is no signup needed to use the site and we will never charge you for using our services.With a Free, you can find a ton of new people to meet that are like minded and engaging.I get caught--but it is OK, because the priest has me move it to a better location.

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I have read many comments in forums and other places so I'm not alone.

I called customer support and after doing a reset, they offered me to send the camera back to them.

A very fortunate thing, as the go-pros that were supposed to be recording failed for some reason.

Also had an opportunity to shoot the reception, which turned out really exceptional.


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