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At the local Indian Health Service hospital, Gallup Indian Medical Center, as much as 40 percent of business any given day comes from patients needing detoxification.Laughter hopes to accept referrals from the medical center by the end of the year.Patients at Four Corners Detox Recovery will check in for up to a week and receive medically monitored assistance to avoid withdrawal symptoms and address the underlying causes of substance abuse.Very few people can successfully detox without medical help, Laughter said.“These individuals drink for a reason, and that issue is not addressed,” Rochelle said.“Our goal is to make change, to properly detox people, to have a medical staff to help these individuals.” Although the clinic will serve anyone, the majority of patients will be Native.Without that available, the behavioral health system in Mc Kinley County ends up operating like a revolving door – with individuals discharged before they’re fully sober.Individuals arrested for public intoxication or picked up from the streets are transported to jail or the hospital – both of which fall short in treating long-term or underlying problems, Laughter said.

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In places like Gallup and the surrounding Mc Kinley County, where 75 percent of the population is Native and public intoxication has become part of the culture, medical assistance in detoxification often is overlooked, Laughter said. When they get picked up, they go to detox for the night and get released before they’re ready.” What’s missing is medical help, Laughter said.

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It’s very rare not to be touched by it.” Laughter, a recovering alcoholic with 20 years of sobriety, hopes to eventually develop a complete healing program, which will include sweat lodges, talking circles and services from a traditional medicine man.

The detox clinic is one of three programs that will operate under the umbrella of Native American Behavioral Health Services.


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