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"But demographics don't explain all of the difference." "Looking at the relative popularity of online adult entertainment among Utah consumers," he wrote in an e-mail exchange with the Deseret News, "one possibility is that Utah consumers find it difficult to obtain their desired adult entertainment through retail purchases. As a result, Utah residents may be buying online (hence appearing in my dataset), whereas people elsewhere buy retail (hence not in my dataset).

And maybe, says Logan psychotherapist Todd Freestone, the fact that porn is not as visible in Utah makes it more enticing.

"If you're seeing it all the time" in cities like Las Vegas, he says, "and it flashes up on your computer screen, then it's not that big a deal." Utah's No.

1 ranking doesn't surprise Freestone, who works with sex offenders at his Comprehensive Treatment Clinic.

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Freestone has done searches on Google Trends, typing in words ranging from "swimsuits" to "naked girls," and found that Utah ranked No. A similar exercise by Deseret News reporter Lee Davidson in 2007 found that Utahns were more prone to search for words like "topless" and "pornography" (as well as "Jesus" and "home storage").

In the 27 states where "defense of marriage" amendments have been adopted, there were 11 percent more porn subscribers than in other states, he reports.

I made a point to comment on the current state of affairs and the incredibly damaging decisions corporate leadership has made over the last year and a half.'My unwillingness to get on board with decisions like taking the company non-nude, selling the Mansion, and a laundry list of other brand initiatives, has rendered my relationship with Playboy’s current CEO non-existent.'Although there is nothing that I would want more than to work with a talented team and re-introduce the brand to my generation, I’ve made a commitment to myself to not work with leadership that puts their self-interest over the best interest of the brand.

'If I had the ability to prevent what current management is doing, I would have done so, but sleepless nights and a lot of thinking has brought me to the conclusion that the best option is to step back for the time being and allow things to unfold.'I continue to have confidence that one day, as Disney and Apple did, Playboy will have its moment to appropriately reinvent itself.

After nine years they separated although remained nominally married, and she lived next door to the mansion She then moved into a house next door to the Playboy Mansion.

After an 11-year separation, Hefner filed for divorce stating irreconcilable differences in September 2009 after his youngest child turned 18.


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