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Many of my close photography friends — professionals, casuals, Sony fanboys, and even film shooters — were talking Fuji and discussing how they must have the X-Pro1.

The rangefinder-styled X-Pro1 was revolutionary, not just technically, with it’s fantastic 16mp APS-C sensor and hybrid viewfinder, but visually as well.

It has more autofocus points, a lot more, 273 of them in total, all accessible.To enjoy, you'll need to enable Java Script in your web browser.Please configure your security software or browser plugins to allow to load Java Script.The aesthetics represented the beginnings of a design idea that would quickly take over the photography world.Yes, other companies had done the new-school-camera-in-a-retro-body before, but none had managed to build one that photographers, en masse, wanted to actually use as their daily.The X-Pro2 has dual card slots — capable of sequential, backup and RAW/JPEG sorting — to the single slot of the others.


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