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If you’ve had a hard time getting approved for any other credit cards, this card may be an opportunity for you to be able to get an unsecured credit card to start.However, we’ve received a number of complaints about the customer service on this card and the turnaround time on payments being posted to accounts after they’re sent, so this card loses some stars for that. You’ll have a chance to check your pre-qualification status before you apply, which can be nice if you want to improve confidence about whether you’ll be approved if you apply.Don’t expect your score to go from nothing (which is worse than bad credit) to the 700s overnight just because you joined the modern human race.However, your bank account can still fuck you up if you do stupid shit.If your FICO scores are below 600 and you’re having trouble getting approved for other cards, this card may be one way for you to build credit, but beware of the card terms and reports of bad customer service.This card doesn’t offer any rewards, like points or cash back, but it does report activity to credit bureaus so you can use it to establish a record of on-time payments on your credit reports.Learn more about how we rate credit and charge cards.

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This card’s only real purpose is to help people with bad credit build credit. There are no rewards for using this card, like points or cash back.If you can keep up that positive activity you’ll eventually be able to be approved for a better rewards card with more useful benefits. Do not wait until you want to buy a car or need to take out a student loan to start thinking about credit, because by then, you’ve already tripped on your way out of the gate. Ideally, you have one already, but maybe you weren’t making any money before now. Once you have a bank account, get a debit card from your bank.But, big mistakes can still come back to screw you over.If you’re someone that only ever has in your account and bounces checks like crazy (you do know how to write a check, right? Even the ones that charge with interest won’t want you because they’ll assume you’ll just declare bankruptcy and leave them high and dry. The other thing that goes along with bank accounts is just having a job. Creditors want to see that there’s money going into your account—not just coming out of it.You can check to see if you’re pre-approved for this card without impacting your credit scores.


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