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She advises to be cautious about how much you expose online, steering clear of cleavage shots and the ubiquitous belfies—unless this is something that comes naturally.Lasry says he tends to be weary of the “pretty girls from L.Nothing is quite as arbitrary as it seems, for the French are very much aware—and in control—of their projected image, concurs former Paris expat and fashion consultant Victoria De La Fuente.“After a while you start noticing plenty of parallels,” she says.Lola Rykiel, founder of PR and consulting agency Le Chocolat Noir, advises going for a natural photo of yourself laughing or smiling, which is guaranteed to win out over a “duck face with an Instagram filter” any day.She suggests including one full-length photo, one close-up shot, and one picture that shows your personality, be it having fun with friends or doing what you love, resulting in an accurate representation of who you are and what you stand for.With dating apps as our metaphorical free pass, we appear to be zipping through this dystopian carnival of love with our trademark extremism, only to be confronted by an ardent sense of nausea at the end of each ride.As I watch my friend massacre her phone, my mind drifts to my rookie Tinder days, which coincide with my time living in Paris.

Could it be that the French have succeeded at tackling the delicate art of online dating with their customary moderation and integrity, allowing them to cultivate genuine connections?“Starting a date with the feeling you’ve been lied to is completely counterproductive,” she says.Sunglasses designer Thierry Lasry usually uploads photos directly from his Instagram feed, mixing off-duty and work-related shots that allow a glimpse into his day-to-day.According to Stéphanie Delpon, cofounder of Paris creative agency Pictoresq, the concept is still heavily stigmatized, as it goes against the key pillars of the French mentality.“We live with the belief that love should be easy to find, that it should be sudden and beautiful, like in the books,” Delpon explains.As they skeptically break into the online dating game, the French try to transmit an element of effortlessness through their profiles, approaching them more as into their real lives than professionally retouched modeling portfolios.


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