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Just outside the Rosa Mystica Shrine, I heard someone remark about the beautiful aroma of the flowers nearby.

It was than that I remembered Father Mike telling Steven about the peacefulness and the smell of flowers in that Church in Medjugorje.

Our Lady's Flowers and The Rosa Mystica House of Prayer By Dennis Lynch "I'm told it will be America's Medjugorje".

So spoke Steven Mc Donald, a paralyzed Police Officer sitting in the rear of Rose Mystica Shrine in a small town called Edmeston, New York on July 12, 2003.

But this road lead to a newly refurbished Marian Shrine whose location was precisely selected by a series of numbers revealed by Our Lady to Mother Elena Leonardi twenty years ago.

Those numbers were determined to be longitude and latitude coordinates whose location marked that very site in Edmeston, New York where the Rosa Mystica Shrine stands. William Mc Carthy led the prayer service at Rosa Mystica.

Father Mike was present a few years before his tragic death at the World Trade Towers in a small Church in Medjurgorie, located far from everywhere just like the small Church in Edmeston, New York.

It there that Father Mike observed the Medjurgorie visionaries experience a message from Mary.

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That beautiful afternoon in Edmeston, New York was so peaceful as I left the Rosa Mystica Shrine.Seventeen years earlier to the day, Steven Mc Donald was a young Police Officer patrolling Central Park in New York City.He stopped to question some youths and was violently attacked from behind, shot and left for dead.While the "thin blue line" refers to police officers, that day in Edmeston, New York two thin blue lines forming a cross had a special meaning to those devoted to Our Lady and to police officer Steven Mc Donald.Steven Mc Donald prayed quietly along with nearly one hundred others who traveled from all around America to visit this quaint Church in this quiet town.What few people know was that Father Mike and Steven Mc Donald shared a special Marian Devotion throughout the almost 17 years they knew each other.


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