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(2013) Finding information the easy way [Lecture to BAMS Year 3], MN3101: Dissertation. The rules for lecture notes are: Author/Tutor (Year) ‘Title of item’. Available at: web address of Blackboard (Accessed: day month year).

(2010) ‘The Role of Social Media in Promoting Special Events: Acceptance of Facebook Events’, Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism.

Conference Paper: Rules: Author of Paper (Year of publication) ‘Title of paper’, Title of conference. When writing about case law, use the case name (in 'one inverted comma') and the date (in brackets) e.g. If pinpointing to a page or paragraph in the law report, then add the abbreviation p. In your bibliography you would only cite Donohue as you have not read Hanes' and Cottam's works. Ancient texts (printed)Reference the edition you have read: Virgil (2008) The Aeneid. Cottam (2012, cited in Donohue, 2015) rejects the hypothesis that... In-text citations for legal materials When writing about legislation, either use the short title (in italics) if it occurs naturally in the sentence, or cite the short title (in italics) in brackets at the end of the sentence e.g. If you pinpointing to a section or regulation, then add the abbreviation s. Available at: https://ac.uk/handle/2381/31988 (Accessed: 30 April 2015) The School of Law follows the OSCOLA referencing style, however other departments may cite legal materials following the Harvard referencing style. The bibliography at the end of a document should be listed in alphabetical order according to author's surname.


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