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“Large research infrastructures like the SKA require extremely powerful computer systems to process all the data.The only acceptable way to build and operate these systems is to dramatically reduce their power consumption.Since its establishment in 1979, Jamu Borobudur has expanded rapidly; it now operates 350 outlets throughout Indonesia, supported by a 25,000 square meter factory located in the city of Semarang.To facilitate business expansions, growing operations and ensuring the high quality of its deliveries and services, Jamu Borobudur implemented an SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution to streamline its processes – from jamu extraction and quality assurance to manufacturing and delivery – and to manage its back-end business functions, including financial reporting and human resource management.Yet, while the company's products are deeply rooted in tradition, it is a firm believer in the use of modern technology to manufacture its products, and to support its operations.Jamu Borobudur employs cutting-edge German technology for processing of viscous and dried extracts to ensure the highest quality of jamu in accordance to international standards, having acquired ISO 9001 and GMP certifications.

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Further more, the Power 720 delivers the performance and capacity needed to run SAP applications without breaking a sweat.Jamu Borobudur is a traditional Indonesian medicine producer based in Semarang, Indonesia.Established in 1979, the company produces traditional remedies, known as jamu, that are primarily made up of natural ingredients with methods and recipes dating back to the 16th century.However, uptime requirements would need to be balanced against budget limitations: the company would need a cost effective solution to accommodate its need for an ERP-ready, highly available IT infrastructure.Jamu Borobudur's search for a suitable solution ended at IBM.ASTRON is one of the leading scientific partners in the international consortium that is developing the SKA.


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