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It’s important for girls to be strong and hold their heads up high.

Why then, when American women grow up, do people take confidence for immodesty?

It’s a way to maintain the status quo and to keep women’s strengths and talents out of the workforce and out of power.

Whether this is subconscious or an existing power structure from many years ago, it still exists, and the gender gap in so many arenas illustrates it.

) This isn’t just my speculation, it’s been proven in many studies that say that men brag three times as much as women, and are judged less harshly for doing so.

I think that for women, it’s a catch-22, because when we are modest without being confident (out of fear of being judged as immodest) we often seem weak or our strengths aren't translated and shared in the public sphere.

She cheerfully stated that one of her participants said that the most important thing that she will take back home is the “Israeli temperament” that she saw in the women whom she met during the conference; she was impressed with how Israeli women are not afraid of failure and said that she hopes to come back for a second degree in Israel. Israeli feminism is when a woman’s choice to work is just as legitimate as the choice to raise a family.

The personification of Israeli feminism is Golda Meir, the third female prime minister in the world, and this was back in the 1960s!

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Israeli feminism is Inbal Arieli, who started Israel’s first start-up accelerator.They are raised as leaders, rather than objects at which to gawk.Rosa Lisnyansky, a group leader from the Women Innovation Technology Conference, told me about the responses of the conference participants to Israeli culture and Israeli women.If you met any of these women, wouldn’t you expect them to be proud of themselves?I certainly am, and I think it wouldn’t make them a brag to admit it.They aren’t squeezed of their confidence, and I think that’s a great thing.


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