I have been extensively trained in cognitive behavioral therapy.""There are life circumstances that we have no control over, and we attempt to bring understanding into our existence.

While professional fees are competitive, value is great.

Using a time-limited treatment approach, we directly tackle the problems that many people face in their daily lives.""In my Psychology Today blog, the Minute Therapist, I focus on how changing how we think can help us control troubling emotions and lead more effective lives.

CBT is the most well documented method of therapy in use today. Sara offer culture-sensitive counseling services for our valued Queens clients of various religions, ethnicities, life styles & origins.

My background also includes direct care, working with the dually diagnosed, SPMI (Mental Health), MMR, youth and families, women and children, substance abusers and other types of addictions, correctional inmates and parolees-forensic, sex offenders, the elderly, LGBT, community groups and organizations as well as persons living with HIV/AIDS, Foster Care and Preventive."""TAKE BACK YOU LIFE".

Together, we can explore your concerns and options.


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