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The Think UKnow website provides information and resources on cyber safety, an online booking tool for presentations, a function to report online abuse.

Online suspicious behaviour may involve a person suspected of being an adult who has been having a conversation with a child online and is saying and doing inappropriate things or trying to meet up with the child in the real world.

Grooming and procuring of children over the internet is also investigated by the AFP.

This is when an adult has made online contact with a child under the age of sixteen with the intention of facilitating a sexual relationship.

"Yes we are hiring males who are ready to offer sexual pleasure to our female clients," a soothing voice said. "Send me your details immediately to this number through Whatsapp. Following this, I will instruct you how to go about it," he said and disconnected the call.

After details were sent to his mobile, he sent a note on his escort company.

If you are an ISP or ICH and have become aware of child exploitation or child abuse material on your server(s), then you are required to report this to the AFP.

The Attorney General's website provides information on the Legislative responsibilities of ISPs and ICHs.

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Bengaluru, July14 : The IT city is advancing at a high pace.

The name of the escort company is 'Erotica' (name changed).

Astonishingly his note said the company was a registered company and was registered in 2007.

In the next lines he provided further details: Read the details below CALLBOY JOBS UNDER (18) NOT ALLOWED -------------------------------- 1)JOINING FEES (MANDATORY) 2500/3 MONTHS IN ADVANCE (IN SBI & CANARA BANK ONLY.) 2)AFTER FEES CLIENTS WILL CALL U DIRECTLY. -------------------------------------------------------- 5)INCOME: DAY SHIFT...15000/- (4 hrs.) NIGHT SHIFTS..20000/- (6hrs) 6)DONT USE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL BEFORE SERVICE.

------------------------------------------------------ 3MEETINGS WILL BE IN HOTELS. ------------------------------------------------ 7)BE ON TIME. 8)WE WILL NOT POST ANYTHING ABOUT YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION ------------------------------------------------- SERVICES IN MAHARASHTRA, MUMBAI, PUNE, DELHI, RAJSHTHAN, TELANGANA, KARNATAKA, ANDHRA PRADESH, TAMIL NADU, ORISSA, MADHYA PRADESH, INDORE, BHOPAL, GUJRAT, CHENNAI, HYDERABAD, BANGALORE, KERALA WHATSAPP YOUR NAME, AGE, LOCATION AND LATEST PHOTOGRAPH IN 80532-xxxxx ------------------------------------ KUMAR xxxxxx SCO -78, RAJAURI xxxxx NEW DELHI -11xxxx In a next text, Robin Sigh sent, bank account details saying "pay Rs 2500 fee to register your name." This amount will be for three months of membership.


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