Lee hyori and rain dating

Lee planned to sign a contract with Gil Entertainment (currently B2M Entertainment) and work with Gil Jong-hwa who had been Fin. L's co-manager and had worked with the group since its debut.Almost two years after her previous album, Lee returned with H-Logic on April 12, 2010.During filming, part of a roof Lee was standing on collapsed.Only her foot fell through, but reportedly the fall might have been fatal if co-star Lee Dong-gun had not rescued her.A music video was released for "Swing" (Hangul: ), featuring Gary from Leessang, on March 31, 2010.The lead single "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" and its music video were released soon after.

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Although her single was commercially successful, her drama was heavily penalized for violating advertising guidelines, as If in Love...

While on hiatus, Lee began to grow as a cultural influence.

She wrote online columns for vernacular newspapers such as The Hankyoreh that mixed her thoughts on life and career with social commentary, and was well reviewed for her simple prose, humor and intelligence.

"U-Go-Girl", the first single from the album, hit #1 on online and offline charts, including various television music shows.

In November 2009, her contract with Mnet Media was set to expire.


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