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Then I have to rule out the people who are already taken.Then I have to find someone I actually like, and I hardly ever seem to fancy anyone. Then they have to be the more traditionalist type who’s happy to wait a little longer to get laid and not freak out.I once told a male friend how I wanted to get to 30 and say something like ‘I’ve slept with three people, all in relationships’.He told me that would be a huge turn-off for him, and he wouldn’t date anyone who’s slept with fewer than 10 people. No longer a preserve of the married, it seems like everyone is doing it, and everyone is talking about it. What if teenage romances kind of passed you by, and you haven’t actually done it yet?I’m like a kid in a sweet shop whose parents won’t let them eat sweets.I worry about at what point does inexperience stop being cute, and start becoming a red flag?If you make it through education without getting laid, it suddenly becomes way harder to meet someone.

There’s also been a cultural shift; it’s like I’m dating in the wrong era.In your teens, you can meet someone at an underage drinking session, in your university halls or on your course, be friends first, then develop feelings and start dating.After you graduate, your life becomes dominated by work, with the occasional catch-up with friends you’ve known for years. I find I meet people who are nice enough, but not people I would have dated if I’d met them organically.Maybe sweets aren’t all that, but because they’re not allowed them, all they want is sweets.I remember last year I went through a hardcore husband-hunting spree churning out two dates a week.I also worry about how soon you’re expected to have sex.


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