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In confirmation hearings on Wednesday, September 6, Democratic senators repeatedly raised thinly veiled questions about Barrett’s suitability to serve linked to her Catholic faith. But the day’s signature line came from Democrat Dianne Feinstein. So maybe they—and all the rest of us who seek to follow Jesus Christ—should turn up the volume. The title is impish, and Mc Guire writes with style, energy and sardonic irony.She starts from the premise that “Somehow, it has become a violation of the accepted code of conduct to suggest that men and women are different, and to act accordingly.” Then she proves it with a news tour of the cultural front lines—documenting one vivid, factual example after another of our current delusions about sex and gender, and the human debris they leave in their wake. Professor Regnerus, a sociologist at the University of Texas, Austin, is well acquainted with today’s new sex orthodoxies, and the cost of questioning them. Unhappily for him, his work has challenged the groupthink of many of his colleagues.Rude pleople but in spite there age colour relegion belifs.

She’s also a wife and mother, and she brings all these skills to bear in (Regnery), published earlier this year.

Within marriage, sexual intimacy is a source of unity, joy and new life.

At the same time, Scripture is clear about the destructive nature of promiscuity in any form.

Deviant, demented and occasionally delicious, “The Theatre Bizarre” offers a hallucinatory flashback to the heyday of omnibus horror while also making a statement about the art: For all its Grand Guignol-inspired excesses, what separates this all-star-helmed portmanteau from the rest of the slavering genre pack is its intelligence, humanity and sense of perverse mischief.

Not every installment here may be as good as the next, but each has its hideous virtues, which may help the project slip out of the specialty straitjacket and shroud itself in crossover appeal.


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