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Even during Halloween when I tried to find a simple costume for my girl, all the costumes were for little kids.The few adult-sized ladies costumes they did have were too small for even a small Filipina to fit into.But only once in a while is there very much discussion about the Expat ‘bad apples’ who make the rest of us look bad.

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I have no doubt that’s happened to a lot of truly innocent expats who were blackmailed after a simple hook-up one night.Now, there’s been a longstanding debate over whether or not prostitution should be legalized or not.On the one side, it’s said that it leads to exploitation, forced sex-slavery, racketeering and STD’s aside from the whole moral argument on the issue.I won’t recommend any particular one, but you can get a So.. But either way it brings up the fact that not every expat coming to the Philippines is a good egg.getting back to this guy with the alleged cybersex den, maybe he’s innocent.. Some guys come here because they have every intent on doing here what they would get caught much quicker doing in their own country.But like any other right-minded Expat I draw the line at exploiting an underage girl.


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