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One guy especially who sits next to me likes to wear a polo, khaki shorts, and beach flip flops. I texted my dudes and they both agreed that this is weird af. Let alone wearing them to work with a polo and khakis. Is there ever a scenario where it’s not super weird to wear them to work?

Has anyone ever thought someone was immediately a badass cause they were wearing flip flops?

Schedule update: I’m headed to Houston to speak to a group tonight at River Oaks Country Club and next week I’ll be in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday.

So if you’re an Alabama student or you happen to live in Tuscaloosa, we’ll have an Outkick meet up that evening.

You get done with the wax treatment and you take a shower and when you get out and stand in front of the mirror you think, “Damn, my vagina looks really good today.” Now most people won’t know this, but you will.

Inquiring minds want to know.” I’m with you here — the thing about a good dick day is no one else really knows you’re having a good dick day.

The place where I work has a pretty lax dress code policy.

Some people like to take advantage of this incredible policy more than others.

Who else shows up for 52 straight weeks a year of columns on the Internet?

No one.) We’re here to make work or school pass as quickly as possible.


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