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I remember a Taylor Swift interview getting posted here where she said that she has her security people check for hidden cameras in any room she's going to disrobe in.

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It's so perplexing to of my friends is in a family of 5 brothers, no girls at all and the mother p.m hates them all lol cause she kept trying and trying for a girl and all 5 were boys until she gave up and she thinks she's cursed but holds it against them It's harmful and stupid and just baffling to me.

I wouldn't make it if I had to watch my little girl go through what I went through.

I'll just settle for raising actual men instead of the trash that walks around masquerading as men and hope they, in turn, influence their's so odd for me to read this, cause I come from a fairly matriarchal community and family.

I have so much anxiety especially in freeways like I'm going to pass out and lose control everyone thinks I'm nuts. I was driving back home from Louisville Kentucky, it was the middle of the night, and half the roads we drove on had no streetlights whatsoever.

We could barely tell when we had to turn, it was terrifying.


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