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I was also surrounded by uncles and male relations who loved looking after their bodies — it was therefore natural for me to get into body-building and so, I hit the gym when I was in Class VI itself.I would often be teased for my well-developed chest in those days, and some of my friends even assumed I was diseased in some way.If I was not confident, thanks to my family, I would have never been able to save these people,” Muzammil explains. “Not really,” Muzammil chortles and adds, “You should see me when I am suddenly in the presence of a really beautiful woman.I am suddenly tongue-tied and make a complete fool of myself.” But you do that to people too, we add to which pat comes to reply, “Hey!Most notable among them was Pardesia remix music video opposite Rakhi Sawant.

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He was a successful model before entering the big screen.The conversation only getting warmer, we ask the adonis about his luck with the bravery awards and the good looks.“I come from a family of well-built men — you should see my grandfather — now, that’s what I call being built.Working with Shreyas, Rajeev and Mugdha was so much fun and I love how my character in the film balances both Shreyas’ and Rajeev’s character.Mugdha and me have worked together on modelling assignments before, so we have ‘our thing’,” Muzammil enthuses.I give people what they want and if all they want is to make me some larger than life person, I am not complaining.” What about strange incidents and attention, we probe further…


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